FOCUSRITE Clarett+ Octo Pre

Eight pristine Clarett+ preamps, featuring All-analogue Air with relay-controlled circuitry. High-quality A-D/D-A converters with high dynamic range, ultra-low noise, and low distortion. Exceptional D-A conversion ensures that audio quality is preserved when sending audio to analogue compressors, EQs, and effects. Eight dedicated channel inserts allow you to track through outboard gear and capture its true character. Connect to a?Clarett+ 2Pre, 4Pre, or 8Pre (or any ADAT-enabled interface) to expand your I/O easily via ADAT.


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Professional Quality 8-In / 8-Out ADAT Preamp

Clarett+ OctoPre is an 8-in / 8-out ADAT mic pre that delivers professional audio quality with the original Focusrite Studio Console sound.

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  1. Capture Drum Recordings

Capture Drum Recordings With Every Detail

  1. With high dynamic range and ultra-low noise, the Clarett+ Mic Pre ensures you can be confident of an accurate recording in any session.
  2. Truest Sound

Capture The Truest Version Of Your Sound

  1. Capture the performer?s vision ? with masses of headroom so that you can focus on the session without having to constantly adjust gain staging. Be confident in a recording that is right first time.
  2. Learn More
  3. Console Sound

Get The Console Sound

  1. All-analogue Air with relay-controlled circuitry is the engineer?s secret weapon. It captures transients on drums, makes vocals shine, and recreates the sound of the classic Focusrite ISA 110.
  2. Learn More
  3. Outboard

Track Through Your Favourite Outboard

  1. Clarett+ OctoPre?s eight dedicated channel inserts allow you to easily add analogue equipment to the signal path. Our flexible insert design reduces the need for a patchbay as inserts are switchable.
  2. Learn More
  3. Guitar Tone

Preserve The Natural Tone Of Your Guitar

  1. Feel like you are plugging straight into an amp and capture the true characteristics of guitars with the wide input bandwidth offered by JFET instrument inputs.
  2. Learn More
  3. ADAT

Premium-Quality Audio Over ADAT

  1. Add Clarett+ OctoPre to a 2Pre, 4Pre or 8Pre to expand your I/O easily and consistently via ADAT. Non-Clarett+ users can upgrade to a professional standard by connecting to any ADAT-enabled interface.
  2. Learn More

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Clarett+ Software Hitmaker Expansion Pack Desktop<img alt=”Clarett+ Software Hitmaker Expansion Pack Desktop” src=”,0,1464,600_PT0_SX1464_V1___.png”/>

PT Artist Bundle<img alt=”PT Artist Bundle” src=”,0,1464,600_PT0_SX1464_V1___.png”/>

Focusrite Scarlett & Clarett+ Compared

Clarett+ OctoPreClarett+ OctoPre

Clarett+ 8PreClarett+ 8Pre

Scarlett OctoPreScarlett OctoPre

Scarlett 18i20Scarlett 18i20

Mic Pres


8 8 8 Analogue Inserts


0 0 0 Air Mode

Yes, with impedance switching

Yes, with impedance switching No Yes Instrument Inputs


2 JFET 2 2 Analogue Outputs


8 8 8 ADAT to analogue routing


? ? ? USB Connectivity


? ? ? ADAT Input


? ? ? ADAT Output


? ? ?

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