The Sub6 is an active subwoofer (1 x 350W RMS built-in amplifier – BASH technology) for professional monitoring systems. Designed to permit optimum acoustic coupling and includes stereo high pass filter (75 or 100Hz) for the left and right satellites, low pass filter (adjustable) with mono summation, phase inverter, phase fine tuning, mute. switch. with professional monitoring speakers Sub6 subwoofer features exclusive Focal technology including the W cone. A custom designed amplification stage.


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Focal Professional SM6 Monitors

Focal professional SM6 Monitors

Focal logoAbout Focal

We Focal, strive to create sound equipment that honours the artist?s musical creation and empowers you to feel a new dimension of the music. We want every nuance to be revealed with precision and purity.

To do this, we push the limits of the current boundaries in sound technology, and go beyond the traditional approach thinking differently. With Focal, let the sound thrill your senses until you go beyond the usual perception of music and discover new fields of emotion.



The SM6 line of monitoring loudspeakers was designed for recording studios looking for monitors capable of revealing every detail of the entire audio spectrum without any masking effect. The best of Focal’s technology is the reference in its range owing to its extreme neutrality, its precise stereophonic imaging, and its ability to resolve the tiniest sonic details.

  • Pur Beryllium inverted dome tweeter: very low directivity, excellent linearity and dynamics.
  • “W” composite sandwich cone: neutral sound, no distortion.
  • Protected Beryllium dome (the effect of the grille has been compensated on the amplifier to adjust the tonal balance).
  • Flax sandwich cone: controlled and articulated bass, natural and detailed lower mid-range and upper

Focal Professional SM6 Monitors

Focal Professional SM6 Monitors

Focal professional SM6 Monitors


The TRIO6 Be, TRIO11 Be, TWIN6 Be, SOLO6 Be professional analogue monitoring loudspeakers benefit from the best of Focal?s technological innovations. TRIO11 Be has Focal’s latest technology when it comes to acoustics and electronics: TMD and NIC technologies; optimised vents that promote dynamic control and perfect bass definition; high excursion, enabling even more linearity of the subwoofer.


The pure beryllium inverted dome tweeter covers 5 octaves from 1000Hz to 40 kHz, the best acoustic transparency and fastest impulse response in the world. As concerns the woofers? W composite sandwich cone, they offer a perfect balance of rigidity, lightness and damping to provide exceptional neutrality.


Keep focus and mix on! Switching to ?Focus? mode reconfigures the loudspeakers in two-way mode. This configuration provides the perfect compromise when checking the quality of the mix for playback systems with limited frequency response.

Focal Professional SM6 Monitors

Focal professional SM6 monitors

Focal professional SM6 Monitors

Focal Professional SM6 Monitors


Trio6 Be may be used vertically or horizontally to optimise positioning thanks to an adjustable aluminium baffle housing the woofer and tweeter. This rotating baffle is capable of rotating 360* in 90* increments, making it one of the most versatile speakers to position.


The Twin6 Be monitoring loudspeaker relies on Focal’s exclusive and innovative technologies. It is equipped with an inverted dome tweeter made of pure Beryllium, an ultra solid but lightweight material ensuring optimal and unrivalled reproduction of the high end, in addition to a ‘w’ cone for optimising response right from the design stage, thanks to the precise control of rigidity, lightness and damping.


The Solo6 studio monitor is equipped with a Beryllium inverted dome tweeter (with grille): capable of covering 5 octaves from 1,00 to 40,000Hz, it reproduces high frequencies with the fastest impulse response and the best transparency in the world. In addition to this, the 6.5-inch woofer, with its ‘W’ composite sandwich cone, allows exceptional loudspeaker neutrality, a full lower mid-range register and bass control.


The Sub6 monitor loudspeaker was developed to perfectly complement the acoustics of Focal monitoring loudspeakers. It features numerous settings such as a stereo high-pass crossover 75Hz-100Hz specific to left and right loudspeakers, a configurable low-pass filter with mono summation, a phase and even a MUTE switch. The various connectivity options enable use in 2.1, 2.2 and multi-channel modes, via the L/R inputs and outputs, and the LFE input.

Focal Professional SM6 Range

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